Body Treatments


Body Treatments
Full Body Scrub
Full Body Wrap (for ladies ONLY)
70 minutes – $60
Body wraps are all the rage right now and they promise many benefits for your skin and overall health. They are the most popular and natural beauty treatments, and for good reason. Wraps improve, nourish and moisturize the skin while you relax.
In the wrap, I use natural ingredients to nourish the skin, various oils and also clay.
Deep Back Cleanse
45 minutes – $50
Keep the skin on your back clean and clear with a deep back cleanse. Take care of those unreachable areas and prevent scarring by letting a professional take care of your back extraction needs. This service is an intensive back treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a healing mask.

and a purifying mask.
Nuga Thermal Massage Bed-Spine Aligning Session
Nuga Thermal Massage Bed-Spine Aligning Session
30 minutes – $30
Reap the spine aligning and relaxation benefits of the Nuga Thermal Massage Roller Bed. Just one 30-minute session on the Nuga Massage Table will help reduce stress, restore normal spinal curves, improve spinal range of motion, circulate spinal fluids, and improve balance! Not advised for those who are pregnant or have had significant back injuries.

chocolate body wrapping

Chocolate Body Wrap (for ladies ONLY)
60 minutes – $80
The unique cosmetic effect of chocolate is due to the fact that it contains cocoa butter, which has the amazing ability to soften and smooth the skin, giving it a velvety feel and a pleasant aroma. Cocoa beans are known to be the richest source of useful mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. In addition, cocoa beans contain a lot of proteins. The chocolate wrap procedure itself eliminates acne and redness of the skin, perfectly cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Gluten Free. But the only contraindication is an allergic reaction to chocolate.

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